Brussels panels: Diversity Delusion

With the help of over 20 incredible volunteers including invaluable support from the European Women’s Lobby, we monitored events in 10 EU policy sectors during the busy month of June. These sectors included, ‘communications, networks and technologies,’ ‘employment and social affairs (including gender issues)’ and ‘energy, climate and transport’.

MonitoringMonth total tally 2015

MonitoringMonth total tally 2015

Together with our volunteers we monitored 125 events featuring over 1000 speakers.

Our findings? Our suspicions are confirmed – there’s not enough diversity.

  • Of 1264 speakers, 943 were men and 321 were women, adding up to an average female representation of 25.4 percent
  • The typical panel comprises four to five speakers, of which there is typically one woman
  • Of 263 panels, 72 were all-male and two all-female – both of which addressed gender

The worst offender was by far the energy, climate and transport sector, where we found that only 11.7 percent of speakers were female.

By contrast the ‘best’ performing policy sector, according to our findings, was employment and social affairs, but still less than half of speakers were female – 42.6 percent. (Note that this sector featured events tackling gender issues, with panels of more women that boosted the overall numbers).

We now have one question. Is this good enough? We think the answer is a resounding ‘No.’

The full Monitoring Month 2015 report