The results of Monitoring Month 2016 are in!

We’ve gathered data from events across EU policy areas for the month of June and the results are in! Monitoring Month 2016 finds more women are speaking on panel debates at EU events, but there is still more to do.


In June 2016, of 1,500 speakers, 34% of participants in panel debates were women, an increase of 10 percentage points on last year.

But this year’s improvements at events in Brussels come with loud wake-up calls.

At two-thirds of debates looked at last month, the majority of speakers were men.

And Monitoring Month 2016 unearthed twice as many all-male panels as equal panels.

It was a repeat success for events in employment, justice, health, quality and social affairs, tipping the balance with 53% female speakers.

Last year’s worst performing area, energy and climate, stayed at the bottom of the gender-equality charts, but improved on last year by 13.3 percentage points.

@EUPanelWatch co-founders Marika Andersen and Laurel Henning responded to the Monitoring Month findings saying:

“Employers must empower younger professionals if we are to see a change in our findings. Today, the higher up company ranks one looks, the more men there are.”

“Consider the intellectual diversity of your events. Have you asked the same speakers to discuss the topic that the audience has seen before? Shake up debates in Brussels with some new faces!”

 “If you’re asked to speak on a panel with no women, don’t be a part of keeping Brussels in the past!”

@EUPanelWatch wishes to thank all volunteers that shared their time to gather data for this report!