What can you do for more speaker diversity?

While we are pleasantly surprised by the overall improvement in gender diversity at this year’s debate, we will return next year to check that progress continues to be made!

In the meantime, here are some steps you can take to ensure you are moving EU debates forward:

Audience: Tweet from events, especially with photos, both the good and the bad, tag event organisers and us @EUPanelWatch and use the hashtags #wherearethewomen #diversedebate and #allmalepanels.

Event organisers: We know events are a lot of work, but you must spend that slight extra effort to not go for the obvious speaker. We are happy to work with event organisers, as we already have on Twitter, to broaden access to a richer resource of expertise.

Set some easy goals

  • NEVER organise an all-male panel
  • Raise diversity with your audience and speakers
  • Introduce new voices – bring new speakers in place of the same old

Speakers: Ask the organizer or whoever invites you how they’ve considered diversity. If it’s not satisfactory – certainly if it’s an all-male panel – decline the speaking opportunity.

Employers: Empower younger professionals to speak. Higher up company ranks there are more men and as a result, a greater opportunity for men to speak at events instead of women. By encouraging younger professionals to speak, you also help move more diversity to the top.

Women: Do not wait for invitations – ask to speak (men do this!)

Men: Say no – refuse to be part of all-male panels.