Politico’s list of the women who shape Brussels

Politico’s ranking of The women who shape Brussels is a list of the sort of company any feminist would dream of being part of: Women who have broken glass ceilings and who then, either by or next to doing their jobs, continue hacking away at that ceiling for other women.

Having EUPanelWatch placed third on this list is humbling, exciting and above all incredibly motivating.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us!

Whether you were with us in the beginning, have helped with specific efforts like Monitoring Month, have tweeted #allmalepanels, have met us for thought-provoking meetings, or have joined us along the way, we are forever grateful and privileged to share in your skill, motivation and future-oriented work!

We started EUPanelWatch a couple of years ago on the back of a disappointing first-meeting with EU policy making. Though we met an abundant and diverse “crew”, we quickly learned that the “stars of the show” were few, unvaried and largely unchanging. To indulge the theater metaphor just a bit further: How many times do you go to see the same show?

So we decided to start calling for more diversity, asking everyone to make better use of the abundance of skills, experiences and views that we after all ought to want to use!

We look forward to continuing our “naming and shaming” as well as our constructive collaborations with the many people and organisations in Brussels that are taking actives steps toward better and more diverse debate.


Laurel & Marika